August 21, 2014

This is your faster, and environmentally safer way to strip metal, wood, concrete, brick & more.

We are completely MOBILE,…we come to you!


Black Diamond blasting has over ten years experience in abrasive blasting, including work on:

  • ship yards
  • bridges
  • refineries
  • new construction
  • hospitals
  • schools
  • commercial
  • small residential projects

If it CAN be blasted…Black Diamond will do it right…ONSITE.


Black Diamond has a variety of non hazardous options for your surface preparation project. Which do you need?

  • SANDBLASTING:  Surface stripping of brick, wood, and metal in residential, commercial, and industrial buildings.  (Learn more).
  • SODA BLASTING: Fire and smoke remediation, graffiti removal, historic preservation, mold remediation, statue and monument cleaning.  (Learn more).
  • DRY ICE BLASTING: Mold removal and industrial machine cleaning (wood, metal, and plastic).  (Learn more).
  • CORN COB BLASTING:  Motors, generators, heavy equipment, transformers, pipes, pumps, building prep, boat hulls, and log homes.  (Learn more).
  • WALLNUT SHELL BLASTING:  Paint and coatings removal, boats, bridges, cars, graffiti, aircraft engines, and steam turbines.  (Learn more).
  • SHOT BLASTING/SURFACE PREPARATION.  Removal of coatings (paint, epoxy, tar, etc.) and preparation for new coating material. (Learn more) .

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