Ever try to remove a coating from brick, concrete, metal or wood using paint remover, hand scraping, grinding or even acid washing?

Then you know by first hand how tough, messy and even dangerous some of these methods can be; not to mention time consuming. And in the end you may not even get the desired results.

If you want to remove unwanted coatings such as weather proofing, glue, varnish, stains, graffiti and even stucco then we have the answer:


Abrasive Media Blasting

Otherwise known as sandblasting, we match the correct abrasive media such as sand, baking soda, corn cob, walnut shell and more to your specific project needs.

We only use “green abrasive media” that’s friendly to the environment and is non toxic.

Black Diamond Blasting is also a Lead certified firm that can remove lead based paints or coatings.

Our equipment is completely mobile.



Why choose Black Diamond Blasting over our competitors?

Well it’s easy, we are a highly competent and professional company and our goal is to bring you personalized quality work, at a competitive price.

Just take a quick look at some of our many project pictures and videos.